Thank god its OVER!

In a LONG overdue turn of events..SANJAYA’S GONE!

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of a million people uttering “About damn time!”.  All I have to say is it’s about time this social farce of “Lets keep the little freak around just for kicks” came to a close.  I’ve never seen suck a horrible representation on AI outside of the tryouts.  At least when William Hung had his 15 minutes he was doing it from the sidelines.  HOW Sanjaya got to the finals is totally beyond me!

All I have to say is “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

However I doubt this is the last we’ll see of the little mop headed, half a goatee havin freak…



Just when you thought it could get no worse

I swear…im 2 off key notes away from giving up on Idol all together.  Sanjaya Malakar HAS GOT TO GO!  He has no concept of showmanship or talent whatsoever.  How does he not realize hes the lauging stock of the show?  Now granted yes, with his hair up I could picture him with no hair and he WOULD be hot but that still dosent excuse the fact that he’s a no talent wannabe. 

Seriously…what IS this about?


Anymore it’s a matter of “Wow, these performances are good but lets see how SHITTY Sanjaya can be tonight.  Personally the only reason I watch anymore is for the handful of talent.

Blake, Chris, Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, and Gina…DO YOUR THING!

The rest, enjoy it while it lasts, and Sanjaya, count your blessings!

Almost fed up!

I have to say i’m a little more than irritated with this season of American Idol at this point!  Several times this season the contestants sent home had no reason for going!  Sanjaya Malakar shouldn’t have even made it to Hollywood let alone make it this far in the competition.  He is one of the most UNTALENTED people to ever walk across the Idol stage.  He’s immature, has no concept of tone, pitch, or voice control, no stage presence whatsoever, and personally, if I have to lok at those caterpillar eyebrows any longer im gonna hurt someone.  What really irritates me is that wherever you go you hear the same thing, yet if you ask anyone who voted for him “Why did you vote for Sanjaya?” the answer is always the same….

“He’s adoreable!”  

Excuse me while I chew back on my gagging…..




Now moving on, I’ve come to the realization that one of two things has happened with American Idol:

1.  The shows producers just don’t care how obvious the vote fixing is anymore


2.  America has lost its damn (collective) mind.

(I’m thinkin it’s the second one)  Now, how can we continue to vote through someone who is clearly underexperienced and so obviously untalented?  WE CAN’T!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!


Again I ask..Idol?

Wow…ok so I watched this weeks Idol competition which for some reason seemed to last FOREVER (even with a DVR)!  All I can say is WTF MATE?  At this point in the competition shouldn’t you be bustin your ASS to memorize your words?  Not one, not two, but THREE contestants forgot the lyrics to their songs.  Now, granted the pressure I’m sure would get to me too, but I know better than to get on that stage.  This is the BIGGEST chance of your lifetime!  What are you THINKING?  It seems to me as if this year is very black and white.  The performances this season are either excellent or horrible and how some of the contestants made it to the top 12 is completely beyond me!  To be hones there are less than a handfull I can see that have a shot at the finals, the rest just need to hang it up!

Obviously my choice this week is…


It’s official!

I wasn’t so sure after last week but clearly the Idol girls this year are killin the boys.  How Haley and Antonella got through is beyond me but it just proves the shows NOT all about talent!  The girls seriously brought it last night with the exception of those two.  And Gina…OMG!  Had she not screamed her way through half the song she would have had my vote in a second!  I definately have a feeling that the top 12 is gonna be like fish in a barrel…lol

This weeks vote…


I spoke to soon

Another week of Idol and trust me it was all I could muster to not use “weak” as a play on words.  I was pretty let down last nite, not a single wow!  Obviously I dont have much to say about the boys this week so I voted based on loyalty…lol

Obviously this week’s pick is…


Gettin good…

Okay, okay I have to admit I have yet to pick a favorite out of the ladies on this years Idol.  Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle are both clearly divas in training at this point an I have yet to decide which one I like better.  There’s a few others that are pretty impressive but those two are in it to win it hands down.  On the other hand there’s also a few that have NO right to be in the competition whatsoever.  (Yes i’m talking about you Antonella Barba)  All in all tho, the ladies are definately bringin it!  So in closing, this weeks picks are….