Almost fed up!

I have to say i’m a little more than irritated with this season of American Idol at this point!  Several times this season the contestants sent home had no reason for going!  Sanjaya Malakar shouldn’t have even made it to Hollywood let alone make it this far in the competition.  He is one of the most UNTALENTED people to ever walk across the Idol stage.  He’s immature, has no concept of tone, pitch, or voice control, no stage presence whatsoever, and personally, if I have to lok at those caterpillar eyebrows any longer im gonna hurt someone.  What really irritates me is that wherever you go you hear the same thing, yet if you ask anyone who voted for him “Why did you vote for Sanjaya?” the answer is always the same….

“He’s adoreable!”  

Excuse me while I chew back on my gagging…..




Now moving on, I’ve come to the realization that one of two things has happened with American Idol:

1.  The shows producers just don’t care how obvious the vote fixing is anymore


2.  America has lost its damn (collective) mind.

(I’m thinkin it’s the second one)  Now, how can we continue to vote through someone who is clearly underexperienced and so obviously untalented?  WE CAN’T!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!



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