Britney goes to driving school!

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New Layout…

As you can tell, I’ve changed the layout of the site.  Let me know what you think!

Excuse me ma’am but you’re standing on your nipple…

Wow…I’m now one step closer to seeing it all!

Pseudomamma on the foot: An unusual presentation of supernumerary breast tissue

Another reason to rush right out to buy Vista!

I found this story on Engaget an thought I’d share.  Make sure you run out and get YOUR copy of Vista with optional registration before it’s too late!  LOL

Vista activation crack #2 auto-renews the 30 day grace period

Just another day at the office

I feel like I work at Earthlink all of a sudden!  LOL


Alice, my manager (Do we know how to have fun or what?)

Day 5

Well its Tuesday, and I can officially say it sucks.  I spoiled myself by giving myself a 4 day weekend an it took all of me to crawl outta bed at 8am to start my day.  I dunno why I do this to myself…lol  Oh well…at least I go on break in 15 minutes.  Only thing to do is just grin an bear it till 6.