Again I ask..Idol?

Wow…ok so I watched this weeks Idol competition which for some reason seemed to last FOREVER (even with a DVR)!  All I can say is WTF MATE?  At this point in the competition shouldn’t you be bustin your ASS to memorize your words?  Not one, not two, but THREE contestants forgot the lyrics to their songs.  Now, granted the pressure I’m sure would get to me too, but I know better than to get on that stage.  This is the BIGGEST chance of your lifetime!  What are you THINKING?  It seems to me as if this year is very black and white.  The performances this season are either excellent or horrible and how some of the contestants made it to the top 12 is completely beyond me!  To be hones there are less than a handfull I can see that have a shot at the finals, the rest just need to hang it up!

Obviously my choice this week is…



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