I spoke to soon

Another week of Idol and trust me it was all I could muster to not use “weak” as a play on words.  I was pretty let down last nite, not a single wow!  Obviously I dont have much to say about the boys this week so I voted based on loyalty…lol

Obviously this week’s pick is…



The Boys are back!

Ok, so after last weeks miserable display by the boys of Idol 6 I was convinced that one of the girls were gonna bring home the title this year.  After seein the guys do their thing last nite tho, im not so sure anymore.  The guys (at least the majority) definately stepped it up last nite an some more than other definately caught my eye (among other things lol).  My opinion stays tho, my pick for the guys is still….

American Idol?

Ok so I know its cliche’ but I gotta ask…

 Am I the only one whos not overly impressed with the talent this year on Idol?  It seems to me the majority of performances last nite were pretty mediocre at best compared to previous years.  Anyone agree?

Here’s who had MY vote last night tho!