Britney goes to driving school!

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Thank god its OVER!

In a LONG overdue turn of events..SANJAYA’S GONE!

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of a million people uttering “About damn time!”.  All I have to say is it’s about time this social farce of “Lets keep the little freak around just for kicks” came to a close.  I’ve never seen suck a horrible representation on AI outside of the tryouts.  At least when William Hung had his 15 minutes he was doing it from the sidelines.  HOW Sanjaya got to the finals is totally beyond me!

All I have to say is “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

However I doubt this is the last we’ll see of the little mop headed, half a goatee havin freak…


New Layout…

As you can tell, I’ve changed the layout of the site.  Let me know what you think!

Its the most “fabulous” time…of the year….

Well its April, whichmeans in just about two more months its time to don the “gay apparel”, take to the streets,  and show your pride!  Originally started in 1969, and at that time referred to as “The March on Stonewall”, pride was meant to be a protest against the spread of violence and discrimination by the NYPD.  Over the years, just as the gay world tends to do, pride has molded and redefined itself into a wild, colorful, sometimes over the top global event.  So get up outta those seats people!  You got places to go!

Harrisburg, PA(Harrisburg PrideFest)
July 28

Allentown, PA(Lehigh Valley Pride)
June 17

Philadelphia, PA (Philly Pride)
June 10

Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Pride Festival)
June 22-24

Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Pride)
June 16-17

Boston, MA (Boston Pride)
June 1-10

Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Pride)
June 16

Columbus, OH (Columbus Stonewall Pride)
June 23

Jersey City, NJ (Jersey City Pride
June 23

New Jersey(GLBT Pride Celebration)
June 3

New York City, NY (Heritage of Pride)
June 17-24

Orlando, FL (Come out with Pride)
October 11-14

Pittsburgh, PA(Pittsburgh PrideFest)
June 16


“My Humps” Remix ~a.k.a~ Alanis got jokes!

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Apparently Alanis Morrisette gained herself a little funny bone….

Score one for Canada!  🙂

Just when you thought it could get no worse

I swear…im 2 off key notes away from giving up on Idol all together.  Sanjaya Malakar HAS GOT TO GO!  He has no concept of showmanship or talent whatsoever.  How does he not realize hes the lauging stock of the show?  Now granted yes, with his hair up I could picture him with no hair and he WOULD be hot but that still dosent excuse the fact that he’s a no talent wannabe. 

Seriously…what IS this about?


Anymore it’s a matter of “Wow, these performances are good but lets see how SHITTY Sanjaya can be tonight.  Personally the only reason I watch anymore is for the handful of talent.

Blake, Chris, Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, and Gina…DO YOUR THING!

The rest, enjoy it while it lasts, and Sanjaya, count your blessings!