Just another day at the office

I feel like I work at Earthlink all of a sudden!  LOL


Alice, my manager (Do we know how to have fun or what?)


Day 5

Well its Tuesday, and I can officially say it sucks.  I spoiled myself by giving myself a 4 day weekend an it took all of me to crawl outta bed at 8am to start my day.  I dunno why I do this to myself…lol  Oh well…at least I go on break in 15 minutes.  Only thing to do is just grin an bear it till 6.

The results are in…

Ok, id be lyin if I said I wasn’t happy with my bonus.  It’s a lot higher than I expected it to be so my plan to move seems to be a little more on track so who knows whats gonna happen at this point.  All I knowthough is right now its now 12:35, im tired, my contacts are buggin the hell outta me an I wanna go to lunch…UGH!

Happy Hump Day!

Well I just started my new work day.  UGH, its so far from Friday!  lol  Anyways, on a better note, we find out today what our annual bonuses are gonna be which god knows I need!  Im just really hopin its in my next check cuz this no money thing is really startin to work my last nerve.  I really hope its a decent amount that I get since I got screwed on taxes and REALLY need to move!  More updates to come later….